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The six wines in April’s box convey a sense of springtime optimism and vitality. The wines are light, open and aromatic, with enough precense to cope with the temperamental English weather. 
The wines include: 
Yves Duport, "Les Cotes" (Bugey)
Gorgeously textured, supple, unoaked Chardonnay from the Alpine slopes.
Archil Guniava, Krakhuna (Georgia)
Pulpy, intense, but still fresh, this drinks like liquified lychee and guava and would taste amazing out of plastic cups in park with friends.  
Burja, Primoz Lavrencic, Burja Bela (Slovenia)
Biodynamic field blend of aromatic varietals given just a touch of skin contact. A bright and precise testament to the promise of Slovenian wines.
Domaine Des Buis, Marin D’eau Douce (Aveyron)
Sublime expression of fer servadou which is a grape you need to know if you enjoy lighter reds which still carry flavour. Expect iron filings and purple fruit and an absurd drinkability. Drink chilled if the weather calls for it. 
Michel Guignier, La Bonne Pioche (Beaujolais) 
Fruity Beaujolais with a distinct minerality. Decant to bring out the purity of the fruit.
Domaine Roches Neuves, Samur-Champigny (Loire)  
Classic, elegant Loire valley cabernet franc with a deep purple colour. Better than any Bordeaux at twice the price.