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These are the ultimate day-time wines. There’s a purity to each of these that doesn’t jarr with your senses no matter how early in the day it is. Each are around 9-11% alcohol and so even if you accidentally smash the whole bottle, you should still by sundown have all your belongings and the ability to speak. Each are also punchy enough to handle the smoke from whatever’s on the BBQ.  

Le Roc, Roc' Ambulle Pet Nat Negrette 2019, South-West France (hazy pink sparkling juice which tastes like cherries, raspberries and pears and which goes down dangerously easily.)

Pierre Frick, Chasselas 2018, Alsace (Jean-Pierre Frick is a leader in biodynamics and every wine he makes is both curious and delicious. This zero sulphur chasselas will keep you guessing, all the flavours are hard to pin down.)

Jean-Francois Chene, Le Boit Sans Soif, 2016 Anjou (kind of bonkers low alcohol grolleau which is textured, rustic, full of fruit and tastes best warming up from fridge cold.)