Box of Bubbles

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Three sparklers for those that need the bubbles at all times and are quite rightly boycotting generic prosecco for its unjustifiable popularity. 

Bodegas Ameztoi, Txakoli de getaria (This is the liquid poured into pint glasses from a great height in the pinxtos bars of the Basque region of Spain. There’s something timeless and spiritual in handing out and sharing ice cold glasses of this stuff. Its simplicity brings people together)

Domaine Plageoles, Mauzac Nature 2018, Gaillac (ancient wine-making techniques and a long forgotten grape called Mauzac deliver refreshing flavours of white fruits and citrus. 

Camillo Donati, Malvasia Rosa 2018, Emilia-romagna. (The Donati estate started in 1930 in Emilia Romagna. Across three generations this family have been mastering the art of making skin-contact sparkling wines using biodynamic viticulture. Their wines are the most reliable place to look when in search of fun, flavour, and value for money.)