Celestion Ditton 66 (1976)

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The Celestion Ditton 66 is an iconic British speaker. Broad frequency response.  Wide dispersion. Extremely low distortion in bass and mid-range at normal listening levels. Its high efficiency (only 4.8 watts input required for 90 dB with pink noise signal) and high power handling capacity result in extremely wide dynamic range. High frequencies are handled by the HF2000 tweeter (specified by the BBC. for monitor use). Becoming increasingly difficult to come across.

Frequency Response: 18 – 40,000Hz
Sensitivity: 90dB (1W input, measured at 1m)
Impedance: 8Ω (4Ω min.)
Recommended Amplifier: 10 – 160W
High Frequency Driver: HF2000 25mm (1″) Dome
Medium Frequency Driver: MD500 51mm (2″) Dome
Low Frequency Driver: FC12 300mm (12″) Paper Diaphragm and 300mm ABR (Passive Radiator)
Crossover Frequencies: 500Hz & 5,000Hz
Enclosure Type: Closed
Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD): 1000x380x290mm (40x15x11.5″)
Weight: 26kg (each speaker)