Hosting Dinner

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If you’re taking the time to cook a proper meal at home, these will do justice to your efforts. There’s one dry sparkler for the hour of apéro, plus a white and a red which are each subtle yet structured enough to be food friendly: 

Mas de Daumas Gassac, Rose frizant 2019, Languedoc, France (famous biodynamic producer in the south whose serious red wines used to rival what was going on in the over-priced region of Bordeaux. This is well made pink fizz made from cabernet sauvignon)

Gerard Schueller, Pinot Blanc 2018, Alsace (The Alsace region is massively under-rated just because the wines come in a funny shaped bottle making people think the wines are sweet even when they are not. This wine is bone dry. Bone. Dry. But fruity too.)

Jean-Claude Lapalu, Beaujolais-villages 2019, Beaujolais (this guy is one best wine-makers in Beaujolais and his wines will reveal to you what gamay is all about)