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David Ornette Cherry - Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)

David Ornette Cherry - Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)

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David Ornette was born the same year (1958) Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry recorded their groundbreaking album, Something Else!!!!. Being born in such a cosmic-centered family, it is no surprise to find David Ornette, now in his 60s, still pursuing the cosmic trail and musical spirit(s) of such an impressive lineage.


“The music never stopped. Jazz is dynamic. It is a continuum that expands and takes from the players and composers so they add their little something to the art. It’s not about JUST referencing the past. It’s about keeping the momentum going like a ball that keeps rolling along.”


“My Compositions are a musical fusion of cultures laid firmly down on a foundation of purely garage-style beats. It’s a union of textures, sounds, lifestyles, surroundings, and messages in a universal language emphasising a positive state of mind.” 


The revered Brown Rice and Orient LPs by Don Cherry come instantly to mind when listening to Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual), as does Miles Davis’s On The Corner. (The Continual) is a mosaic of healing soundscapes blending spiritual jazz, leftfield electronica, Eastern & native, indigenous sounds into musical parallels that transport the listener through doorways of ancient pathways to futurist crossroads.


D.O. Cherry plays percussion, electronics, keyboards and douss’n gouni (a cousin of the kora), and performs with a diverse ethno-cosmic jazz ensemble which includes his nieces Tyso McVey and Naima Karlsson. While most of the tracks on the album are of an ambient experimental mould and aimed for the mind as much as the body and soul, check out the hypnotic organic grooves of ‘Parallel Experience’ for some straight up ethno-funk and especially the majestic ‘Cosmic Nomad’ (the title referencing his father) for some freeform dance-floor action.


The UK based Spiritmuse Records, a label whose aim is to produce “carefully curated products for a deep listening, spiritual experience”, has quickly become one of my most trusted and favourites, and was the perfect suit to accompany Cherry’s musical vision.

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