EMT 948

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EMT 948. Introduced in 1979 as a more compact version of the mighty EMT950. Built like a tank for 24 hour operation in professional broadcast studios. It is a fully integrated system with every element designed and developed by the German manufacturer Elektro-Mess-Technik, who set the standard for broadcast turntables. The electronic circuitry is entirely on plug-in boards, for easy and quick servicing. The tonearm and cartridge are insensitive to disturbances and vibrations. The direct drive system gets the record to 33rpm in 200 milliseconds. You can also set a cue-point and press a button to get the turntable to reverse back to that point. The sound reproduction is on another level. Clean, rich and detailed across the spectrum. Anyone that has an EMT has probably stopped looking for a better turntable. This one is in good condition and has just been serviced.