Neta, Cucharillo 2018

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Mezcal maestro Celso Garcia Cruz has been experimenting with the Cucharillo plant on a small scale since 2017, initiating a new trend in the immediate region amongst those with access to these special plants. The name itself is derived from the spoon-like shape of the base of the leaf, which in times past was used as a utensil. While not part of the Agave genus, this sugar-rich Dasylirion subspecies makes what is perhaps the most esoteric spirit in Miahuatlán. Curiously, this type of Dasylirion seems to live for dozens, if not hundreds of years, and continues to grow larger after each cycle of flowering. Unlike agave, there exists both male and female Dasylirion plants, which reproduce exclusively through pollen exchange and the production of seed. The long, thin, and flexible leaves from the plant are commonly used for decoration in both religious and celebratory occasions throughout the region. Unfortunately, there has been little study or attention paid to the Cucharillo of Miahuatlán, and there is little information regarding the particular subspecies that grow in this region. Using just thirty ripe Cucharillo plants, Celso filled two and a half of his Montezuma cypress wood fermentation tanks to made this unique 90-liter batch specifically for Neta. The processing of the cooked plants is similar to agave; Celso roasted the piñas with mesquite wood for six days and shade-rested them for another six days before milling. The fibers were then dry fermented for 24 hours before adding well water to the mix, where fermentation carried on for eight days. Only 48 bottles where made. We’re lucky to have 1 to sell.