Neta, Madrecuixe 2018

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Eldest brother to Celso and Candido, Tomás García Cruz is one of the most respected agave growers and distillers in the region. Together with his sons Juan, Nicolas, and Eliazar, they made this quintessentially Miahuateco field blend using fully ripe quiotudo agave grown in red, rocky cascajo soil harvested during an unusually dry September, just days before the full moon and autumn equinox of 2018. While the family cultivates many different species and phenotypes of agave, the fully mature and two-year-old capón plants used for this batch came from a master agave-grower in a neighbouring community with whom the family has a long-standing relationship. As such, these 300 liters were the result of a collaboration between maestros and form part of a traditional chain of production. The García family used 110 Madrecuixe, 40 Bicuixe, and eight large Espadín magueys, imparting a slightly dominant Madrecuixe presence in flavor and aroma. The complexities from the inclusion of the Bicuixe and Espadín are revealing in their own right, and together compose a wonderful portrait of the flavours of eastern Miahuatlán. Interestingly, a different technique was applied to the second round of distillation in which a small amount of leftover mash or bagazo was reintroduced to the copper pot, with the idea being that the agave fibers would add to the flavour and texture, but could also potentially trap excess methanol preventing it from passing through the tubing and serpentine. This batch is only available in the EU and California.