Neta, Tepextate 2018

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Tepextate is a type of Agave marmorata that grows throughout many different regions of Oaxaca. The plant’s historical use in spirits was limited to remote and isolated regions of difficult terrain, where the production of mezcal was clandestine, and in situations where palenqueros did not have the land and resources to cultivate other varietals preferred for their higher yield. In the past, Tepextate was often used as medicine, with different desired properties derived from both the roots and the juices of its thick leaves. It is one of the lowest-yielding varietals used in the production of agave spirits. It is in arid environments with steep slopes and rugged, rocky and limestone-rich soils where the Tepextate maguey thrives. Amongst palenqueros, the plant is infamous for its extremely low sugar content and the difficulty involved in harvesting and transporting these plants from their preferred terrain of rocky hillside, steep ravines, and cliffs. These areas are most often inaccessible to trucks or even donkeys or mules and must be carried out by hand, leaving behind itchy rashes and blisters caused by its highly caustic juices. It is often found growing alongside various aromatic herbs and plants, such as verbena, copal trees, and wild chilis.

The result in this  bottle is a very smooth, harmonious blend of ripe tropical fruits, alongside herbal notes a well integrated smokiness.