Picnic Box

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Here are three 1 Litre bottles (which contain the equivalent of 4 normal sized bottles), making it easier to stuff more wine into your bag when you make your way to the park or whatever wilderness it is you're heading to. This pack contains 1 white, 1 orange and 1 juicy red which, like the others, also drinks best chilled:

Kumpf et Meyer, Y'a Plus Qu'a 2018, Alsace (Thirst quenching blend of Sylvaner and Auxerrois, delivering plenty of fruit and flowers.) 

Antonio Camillo, Tutti i Giorni Bianco 2019, Tuscany (Made from trebbiano and malvasia and the right of amount of skin-contact, giving the otherwise refreshing juice an added dimension of depth) 

Andert-wein, Zweigelt Tausend 2018, Austria (You have to try this to believe it. It's made by two brothers passionate about biodynamics which is obvious when you consider the undeniable vitality of the juice in your glass. Serve chilled but not too chilled)