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Idle Moments

The Sultan's Swing - Matter of Urgency

The Sultan's Swing - Matter of Urgency

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The global events of 2020 triggered deep creative reactions across cultural fields, and Matter Of Urgency is one prime example. The latest offering from the London based multi instrumentalist, producer and composer Tom Funk is a meditative journey through various shades of cosmic and spiritual jazz. The album came out of long improvised jams, on which influences ranging from Lonnie Linton Smith to Ravi Shankar mix with the more contemporary leanings of a band rooted in the UK jazz scene. Interestingly, outside of the urgency of the title track, the overall feel is one of healing, as the music flows unhurriedly through softly psychedelic and soothing sounds (‘Sound Of Pulsar’). Born out of urgency but here to last, this is deep, modern jazz music in motion.

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