Amanda Whiting - After dark

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The aptly titled After Dark takes you deep into the night, right into the round midnight moods of a smokey jazz club basement. Self-described as “modern harp with an edge”, Whiting’s world is elegant and romantic, as she and her band tell the tale of a love affair gone wrong.

Having spent years honing her craft as a classically trained harpist (the national instrument of her native Wales), Whiting was the first person in the UK to hold a master of jazz in harp. She became part of Matthew Halsall's live project Gondwana Orchestra, which led to her meeting with flutist Chip Wickham, and eventually to her pivotal role on Blue to Red, one the most beautiful contemporary jazz album of 2020.

Following in the footsteps of Dorothy Ashby’s Afro Harping (“The Feist”), After Dark is a delicate, nocturnal affair, filled with dusty jazz grooves and nods towards Afro-Cuban jazz, soul-jazz, and more cinematic compositions, with plucked, jazz guitar style solos and even a touch of flamenco (“Gone”) widening an impressive palette. Interestingly she also cites ATCQ as an influence, and this can be subtly felt throughout a truly impressive and original set. The album closes in style with the sublime remix of “After Dark” from DJ Rebecca Vasmant, with added vocals by Nadya Albertsson.

“Lift the needle to breathe, but the record keeps spinning”

Indeed this is a doomed love affair which is hard to get away from, and one that will be revisited time and time again.


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