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Idle Moments

Komodo Kolektif - Sumantras

Komodo Kolektif - Sumantras

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Glasgow’s Komodo Kolektif is a group of multi-instrumentalists who mix hypnotic Indonesian gamelan gongs with LFO-swept oscillators and a strong dose of psychotropics to create loose, experimental, late night mind music.


The music throughout this EP has a mystical, ceremonial feel to it, especially on the opener ‘Night Of The Leyak’. Get ready for some deep, atmospheric black magic with the mythological Leyak.


On Binaural Bintaro, the only track on this EP which was recorded entirely live, swells of vintage synths combine with call-and-response gamelan to create yet another deep and hypnotic mind trip. 


Djakarta 3001’, the epic 14 minute tribal dub jam with added FX-laden guitar that takes up all of side B, has some obvious kosmiche relations with the Bali based duo Zsou (Admiral Dub), Black Merlin’s experiments in Papua New Guinea, as well as Italy’s Mushrooms Project (Dubby Bolas). Again this is a deep journey through moody psychedelic fields; though only the headstrong should pair it with a magic mushroom milkshake of Indonesia’s infamous psilocybe eximia.

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