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Idle Moments

Mega Wave Orchestra - Mega Wave Orchestra

Mega Wave Orchestra - Mega Wave Orchestra

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Libreville is one of those reissue labels which, after only a handful of releases, can already be trusted blindly both for their impeccable taste and for their care and attention to sound restoration (and packaging!). Mega Wave Orchestra was formed in the late 80s in Geneva, the brainchild of producer Christian Oestreicher, who conducted and orchestra of seven keyboard players (!) like a multi media electronic big band. Musique concrete, chamber music, jazz, classical, psychedelia, Meredith Monk, early 80s pop even - the music on here has ingredients from all of these and yet is still hard to describe - all the better for it! Lots of really cool tracks on a cosmic and dreamy tip, like “M7” or “Seq”, while “Mosquito” with its wordless vocals and balearic feel is worth the price of the album alone. Believe the hype! Sound, pressing and packaging are all top notch, as per Libreville standards. Full points.

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