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Jason Kolàr - Modified Perspectives

Jason Kolàr - Modified Perspectives

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STROOM is the brainchild of Ziggy Devriendt aka Nosedrip from Belgium, a proper music head who started by running a regular ambient show on Mixcloud and eventually established itself as a buy-on-sight label for fans of DIY dream pop, as well as those interested in the spaces between ambient, new wave, post-punk and exotica. 


The late night vignettes of ‘Modified Perspectives’ were STROOM’s first release of original and contemporary music. Jason Kolar is just one of the many Cristian Subira aliases and creative endeavours, which have spanned all sorts of styles and experimentations over the years. This particular alias seems to be the platform he uses to create deep and introspective ambient soundscapes, full of lush tones and subtle melodies.


"There is a hidden place between science and magic. A secret playground where brainwaves rejoice and wander around.”


Erratic Texting Behavior’ deserves a mention not only for its hilarious title but also as one of the album’s highlight - this is warm, soothing music to get lost into. Another favourite is the otherworldly, Japanesque feel of ‘Corners’, but really this is an album to be listened to as a whole, possibly on repeat, late at night or on a peaceful Sunday morning.

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