Klipsch Cornwall (1973)

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Klipsch Cornwall. From the same family as the Klipschorns we have @brilliant_cnrs and the La Scalas we use @giant___steps. Originally introduced in 1959 as a centre channel for a three speaker setup with Klipschorns but then became popular in their own right being more considerate to living space and easier to position. This pair was manufactured in 1973 which some say was in the glory days of Klipsch gear because they used Alnico drivers and metal horns which have since been replaced. The tweeter and midrange horn are in the top corner in these earlier Cornwalls, and it was hard to find a conclusive answer why they were designed like that initially and changed in later versions - those Klipsch forums are pretty intense. But it appears that some die-hard Klipsch fans seem to prefer them this way. These are in pretty reasonable condition considering they are 47 years old. Original grill cloth is still in tact.